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About Us

This website has been provided by the teachers at Longwater Tai Chi, Patrick Foley and Jane Launchbury. Our aim is supply freely-available info about the health benefits of tai chi (taijiquan) and chi kung (qigong), to help you make decisions about starting practising. For exisiting practitioners, we hope it will also provide a source of support material detailing the pros and cons of tai chi as an alternate form of exercise.


All the articles, podcasts and views on this website are collected from the internet and are provided as a reference for you to do your own research into the benefits of tai chi and qigong practices. We do not make any claims that the content here is accurate or endorse any of the results from studies etc. Please make up your own mind about how these practices may be of benefit to you, and by all means contact us if you want to discuss any of the points raised here.

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